kira christensen

Licensed Educational Psychologist

Kira Christensen is a Licensed Educational Psychologist in Sacramento, CA.  She specializes in educational assessment of students from elementary school through high school and college, including adult students.  Kira determines the presence of intellectual disabilities and learning disabilities, including dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia, as well as the presence of memory, attention, and social emotional and behavioral problems impeding learning, such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD.  She works with students in the greater Sacramento area.


There is no charge for a brief 15 minute initial phone or email consultation.  In order to best determine if Kira is able to address your child’s needs, and if she is the right professional to work with, you will complete a brief intake form (under the Contact/Getting Started tab) prior to the consultation in order to effectively address your concerns.  



Intelligence Testing only (used primarily for Gifted and Talented Education GATE or MENSA) is $750.


Assessment fees are calculated based on your individual referral concerns and the depth of the assessment needed to adequately address the learning concerns. The scope of a comprehensive psychoeducational assessment is highly individualized; upon consultation regarding the learning concerns and the areas needed to be assessed, you will be provided the cost of the complete assessment.


Kira is also available to consult on individual cases as needed.  Many parents already have completed assessments and IEP’s, and simply seek  services for consultation to review existing information and provide recommendations or suggested follow up steps on the basis of current information from an experienced resource outside of their school system.  Very often, simply obtaining a “second opinion” from a trusted outside source is helpful.  Consultation fees are charged at the hourly rate of $150 and are paid at the consultation appointment.


  • For diagnostic psychoeducational assessments, half of the total fee is payable at the beginning of the initial test session, with the other half of the balance paid at the second test session. 
  • For intelligence testing, the total fee is payable at the testing appointment.
  • Methods of payment include cash, check, or credit card. 


Insurance payment is not currently accepted.  However, insurance often does cover costs for psychoeducational assessment.  It is extremely important for clients to check first about the process with their provider before getting started to make sure!  For clients wishing to work with their insurance company, the testing process proceeds as usual with full payment required at the assessment appointments.  Clients will then be provided a "superbill" which contains all of the information that the insurance company needs, and you then submit the superbill to your insurance provider to request that they reimburse you.  Sometimes insurance companies will pay all of the cost, sometimes only up to a certain amount, and sometimes they do not cover this type of expense.  Since that is a process between you and your insurance company, you can see why it is extremely important to clarify with them what their process is before you decide if you want to move forward or not! 


Some colleges also offer financial aid recipients a one time budget adjustment to help with the costs of a diagnostic assessment, so check with your financial aid department to see if that may apply to you.  If you happen to receive financial aid, that might be worth looking into to see if that might help offset the cost of an assessment!


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